Update: Surviving

Art is all about emotion.

The emotion felt when creating to the emotion felt by the viewer, art makes us feel. For me, my photography is typically inspired by pain.

In high school, I was struggling with depression and photography became a very important outlet for me. Now, I still find myself using my photography as a way to deal with everything that comes with going through a divorce.

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POTD: Through the Fence [Part 2]

Purple by the Bridge 1.png

I shared the first part of this series two weeks ago.

This little walking bridge, was actively protecting everything you see growing here. You can’t tell but this is actually looking downhill, with  the bottom probably a good six or seven feet below the bottom of the bridge.

All of it untouched because the people walking past it only see the fencing and wood planks. I had walked past it twice without noticing.

I had found bushes covered in flowers like this not too far from here but they were buried in the trees and I wasn’t prepared to trek through high grass to get there. Plus i’m sure something would of tried to eat me.

These were also hard to gain access to. I was leaning over the edge of the bank to get even this shot. I loved it but I knew there was more ways to look at this. The post previous to this talks about that.

But when I went to choose which images to edit and eventually post, this shot definitely stood out as important. I experimented a little with the color and love the way the purple adds to the feel of the shot. I don’t usually like to mess with the color in this way, but this batch of photos just needed it. It’s fun when you get inspired in this way.

As a photographer, I still haven’t found a style that is consistent when it comes to how my images look. I know that part of it has to do with the fact that most my photos hold an emotional attachment. With this batch, I was just really happy and comfortable. When I went to edit them, a playful side kind of came out. I still feel that happiness when I look at these photos.

And sometimes I wish I could make that feeling more obvious in my work. I guess it’ll be interesting to see how I choose to really set myself apart as a photographer. Exciting really.

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QOTD: Creating

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”
― Roy T. Bennett

This was the thought I had when I decided to keep my business going after I separated from my spouse.

I’ve shared that a few times, but finding this actual quote, that is someone else’s words, was a great reminder to me today, of how important it is to keep creating.

It is so easy to feel out of control in life. No matter how good things are, it doesn’t take much to derail us. I wish that wasn’t true but it is.

So how do we change in that split second. Well we redirect the energy, create a new path, find a new goal. We work and we bleed and we cry and smile, fighting for the end that makes us happy.

It’s great.

It wasn’t until after the split that I discovered the term “creator” as it relates to people who create things to sell on Etsy.

It felt silly to say at first, but that is what I am, a creator.

Think about how much power is behind that word. Would you consider yourself a creator? Because you are, you may not realize it but everyday you are creating life. Your life. Your decisions are a part of that process.

So today I am going to ask you, what are you creating?

QOTD: The Plan

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

There are moments in my life when I dream of wealth and fame. I am sure many of us do.

It’s normal, it’s human.

It was easy for a long time to think that I was only worth what I made. And I was never making enough.

When I joined the Mormon church though, something changed. It became clear that it wasn’t about the things I owned or even the places I went, what really mattered, at least to me, was how much I was helping others.

When I think about my future, it isn’t about building up my photography for fame, or selling signs for wealth.

I am using my talents right now, to build up something that can help me support my family. Help me give my son the things he will need and also help me to hopefully teach him through my actions. In the end though, I am hoping that I can find a way to complete something bigger.

Owning a business opens doors to others. Getting bigger lets you provide work for someone else. Work allows someone to gain skills and those skills inspire them to achieve. Accomplishments inspire people to dream and as they dream they work for their own future and when they work for their own future they find success.

So I want to work on this so that someday I can help someone  do this also; chase their dreams, feeling a hope for the future.

It’s possible, but we gotta be the ones to start it. I gotta be the one to help.

QOTD: Building My Future

“Do not let the memories of your past limit the potential of your future. There are no limits to what you can achieve on your journey through life, except in your mind.”
― Roy T. Bennett

After this week, I would have written over a hundred posts on this blog.

For me that is seriously amazing. I have never kept writing this consistently, for this long. It has been hard and at times I wanted to stop because like before, it was really hard to not feel really depressed when I write.

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QOTD: Sunshine

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”
― Walt Whitman

When I leave work, the sun is usually directly in front of me .

Going from being indoors all day to the sunshine, usually requires me to have to squint or close my eyes as I walk out.

When I can the suns warmth, I lift my head up and just let the heat hit me. I do it out of habit most days, and it’s a little weird but that one quick moment is always so refreshing.

It’s like God is smacking me in the face with happiness every time. It’s not like I don’t like my job, but being inside all day staring at a computer screen is a bit draining.

It also becomes too easy to think about life and get worried about things that I can’t control. It also doesn’t help that I get ideas for new projects that I can’t work on because, well I am at work.

It’s normal though.

In that moment though, it all goes away. For a moment, there is now doubt, no fear, and no worry. Just me and the sun, warmth and light.

I guess it’s like getting an angels hug.

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POTD: From Above

If there is one thing I have come to love about Omaha, Nebraska, it would have to be the amount of parks they have. Ed Zorinsky recreational park, was such a beautiful park to walk in and I only explored about a quarter or less of it. 

Along the way, there were a lot of little patches of flowers popping up here and there. Most were isolated in individual bunches, likes this one, spaced a few feet apart. 

Originally I had shot this bunch of flowers with my macro lens on and I’ll be sharing those images later this week. 

But as I was looking around, I really wanted to capture the intense contrast these little ones had with their surroundings. If I was a painter I would of spent most of my time painting what would be a massive green background with specks of color here and there. It was really beautiful to scan around and find just there bursts of color. 

With a few of the flowers I found, I took some lovely landscape type photographs but wasn’t really satisfied with the contrast. So as I was thinking about this photo, I slowly started to stand up and realized that looking down into the grass created the image I was looking for. 

It was just one of those happy moments of realization when you find the answer or solution to your problem right in front of your face. And so that is how this little gem was created. 

I discussed perspectives last week and this fits in with that. Sometimes we make more of mess and more trouble for ourselves by complicating the answers we are looking for, instead of letting the simplicity of life have free reign. 

I hope everyone has a great Monday night and we will see ya tomorrow. 

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