POTD: Yellow

I’ve really enjoyed working with this new batch of photographs.

I felt confident when taking these photos and it changed so much about what I was trying to capture. It wasn’t so much the subject, but how I presented the subject. As I took each shot, in my head I could see the final edit and so I focused more on making sure I had everything set to produce the image that was in my head and not so much what I was actually seeing.

That is what is so fun about really getting into your own creativity. With any art that we present to people, we are presenting our interpretation of a certain subject, however, most of the time the viewer is still going to take away from it, what they think it is.

It can be a little frustrating at first, and I remember when I first got into photography how hard it was to deal with not being able to get my ideas across.

As a creator, you get to a point though, where you are no longer creating for others, but for yourself. Ultimately, this is where you want to be. Like anything in life, to really enjoy it, you have to love it and it’s a process.

This time around, yes when I started to pick up photography again, I was doing it for myself, putting anything and everything out there. Then as I noticed certain things getting attention, I tried to mimic them and build up a bit more of my confidence by generating views on my work. Now I am getting back into just having fun with what I am doing, and relaxing more into what is my style. I am more excited about this batch because it’s more about what I like and what I am inspired to see and less about the feelings I am trying to convey.

I am at the point again, where I want people to be able to take what they want from my images and feel what they want. And I want them to share that with me and help me understand them because at this point I think most people who see my work know me fairly well.

So here we have Yellow. Growing alongside a path that runs underneath a bridge. Shaded by trees and long grass, with a crumbling walkway to distract passerby’s. It was strong and powerful, but only once I lifted my eyes and gave it the attention it deserved. That’s the nature of nature, silent and beautiful, easily overlooked.

Thanks again for sharing this moment with me.


POTD: Pink

Purple Flowrers Macro.png

Prior to serving as a missionary, I never wore pink.

For whatever reason, when I came home, I just fell in love with the color. That was really the only reason I took a picture of these flowers.

I definitely like how the flowers look like they are floating above everything. I do remember thinking about how the sun was coming in from behind and was worried about the shadows, but in the end it all worked out.

When it comes to flowers, there is just something quiet about them. Too many words just distract from it.

So please just enjoy today’s image for what its. Beautiful and pink.

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QOTD: The Plan

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

There are moments in my life when I dream of wealth and fame. I am sure many of us do.

It’s normal, it’s human.

It was easy for a long time to think that I was only worth what I made. And I was never making enough.

When I joined the Mormon church though, something changed. It became clear that it wasn’t about the things I owned or even the places I went, what really mattered, at least to me, was how much I was helping others.

When I think about my future, it isn’t about building up my photography for fame, or selling signs for wealth.

I am using my talents right now, to build up something that can help me support my family. Help me give my son the things he will need and also help me to hopefully teach him through my actions. In the end though, I am hoping that I can find a way to complete something bigger.

Owning a business opens doors to others. Getting bigger lets you provide work for someone else. Work allows someone to gain skills and those skills inspire them to achieve. Accomplishments inspire people to dream and as they dream they work for their own future and when they work for their own future they find success.

So I want to work on this so that someday I can help someone  do this also; chase their dreams, feeling a hope for the future.

It’s possible, but we gotta be the ones to start it. I gotta be the one to help.

POTD: Looking Around

Purple Flower Portrait.png

No one makes it through life without a little scarring.

I love looking at the holes and the discoloration in the petals. All flowers get old and dry up. It’s apart of the life cycle. Year after year, nature grows and sprouts, dries up and dies off, sprouting over and over.

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POTD: The Lonely Tree [part 2]

Exposed Roots.png

Last week I shared a post called The Lonely Tree.

Something I had noticed while working with the tree, was the roots that had grown exposed above ground.

I’ve had the opportunity to dig up several trees in high school and it was always so frustrating to have to cut through the root system. You can definitely get a feel for how strong a tree desires to live as you fight your way through them.

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POTD: From Above

If there is one thing I have come to love about Omaha, Nebraska, it would have to be the amount of parks they have. Ed Zorinsky recreational park, was such a beautiful park to walk in and I only explored about a quarter or less of it. 

Along the way, there were a lot of little patches of flowers popping up here and there. Most were isolated in individual bunches, likes this one, spaced a few feet apart. 

Originally I had shot this bunch of flowers with my macro lens on and I’ll be sharing those images later this week. 

But as I was looking around, I really wanted to capture the intense contrast these little ones had with their surroundings. If I was a painter I would of spent most of my time painting what would be a massive green background with specks of color here and there. It was really beautiful to scan around and find just there bursts of color. 

With a few of the flowers I found, I took some lovely landscape type photographs but wasn’t really satisfied with the contrast. So as I was thinking about this photo, I slowly started to stand up and realized that looking down into the grass created the image I was looking for. 

It was just one of those happy moments of realization when you find the answer or solution to your problem right in front of your face. And so that is how this little gem was created. 

I discussed perspectives last week and this fits in with that. Sometimes we make more of mess and more trouble for ourselves by complicating the answers we are looking for, instead of letting the simplicity of life have free reign. 

I hope everyone has a great Monday night and we will see ya tomorrow. 

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QOTD: Small Joys

“Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.”

– Pearl S Buck

I had to stay home with the kid today. He picked up a little cold last week and he needed another day before heading back to the babysitter. 

As much as it is worrisome to lose a days worth of pay and at the same time not get much done around the house because he needs extra attention, days like today are my favorite. I would love to be able to stay home and work. As hard as it would be to try and run a business and balance parental duties as a single parent, it would be completely worth it. 

Today, I caught myself getting a bit down on myself because it seems almost impossible to do. That future isn’t close and I realize the amount of work needed to get there. But then I remembered to enjoy this moment while I could. Getting to spend an extra full day with Levi is really wonderful. And it’s moments like this that inspire me to do everything else. 

I woke up today not ready for the week. I could of skipped this post and just picked up tomorrow. But instead I made time for Levi and then I made time for work.

Now I’m sitting in the car while he sleeps in the backseat, finally taking a nap, and I’m thinking about how great it is to have this. 

Life may not be perfect, but this is my life and it’s damn beautiful. 
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