POTD: The Bridge

Let’s start with the fact that I love this image.

It is hands down in my top three favorites from this latest batch of photos. I enjoy the image as a whole, the subject and the overall feel. I love working with wood. In fact, one of the first photographs I ever developed was of an aged pallet. Trust me, it was cool.

This is a bridge that spans a small creek/stream in Zorinsky Lake Park. It is very narrow and the there are these wooden walls on either side. It’s very difficult for a biker and a pedestrian to use this bridge at the same time. The wood has been worn from handle bars scraping the side as bikers try to get across.

All along the length of the bridge are these gashes.

It is the varying personality and story of wood subjects that I love. The cracks and stains. The holes and gaps. It’s all so interesting.

I wanted to make sure the focus was on a specific spot on the bridge, to highlight the details but also provide the full scale of the object. Usually on my IPhone 7, I don’t get such a shallow depth of field at this distance from a object, but I believe I had on my macro and wide angle lens combo and it helped to blur out the background.

This is an image I love to just sit and stare at. It’s relaxing to me and knowing that I was able to achieve the outcome I wanted with this image feels really good.

Eventually, I will get this framed. I just have to.

This is my official Friday post, look out for some late posts also going up today to make up for the missed ones from earlier in the week. Otherwise, I will see y’all again on Monday!

POTD: Looking Up

This is a day late and I apologize.

In October of 2011, a talk was given at the LDS Church’s General Conference. (General Conference is a biannual conference that is broadcast worldwide for all members of the church to view and we hear from the leader’s of the Church.) Elder Carl B. Cook gave a talk where he shares a story about an encounter with the President of the Church, Thomas S. Monson, in which he was told, “Now, remember, it is better to look up.” Continue reading “POTD: Looking Up”

QOTD: Being Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

– Roy T Bennett

I had a talk recently with my bishop.

In the course of our conversation, I explained how I had been holding back on some ideas for new designs for my Etsy shop because I was worried about producing religious designs. It has been a back and forth battle because while I get ideas for these designs all the time, I worry about seeming like I produce only religious things.

Not that I am ashamed of my religion, when I am doing my best, my religion is a very big part of my life, I just worry that it will overshadow some of the other things I do and sort of act like a restriction. Continue reading “QOTD: Being Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable”

QOTD: Simple Happiness

“Write it on your heart that everyday is the best day in the year.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

In our world of social media, it seems we are flooded with endless positivity and success. I swear everyone I follow on Instagram went to Disneyland last month. And Hawaii. And the Mediterranean. And the list of places could go on.

Meanwhile, I’ve sat here in Omaha, dreaming about all the cool places I’d love to travel to, or rather would love to just photograph.

I see my friends buying houses, growing their families, celebrating anniversaries, and blah, blah, blah.

It’s great, really, to see my friends and family happy and able to do so much. At the same time it’s so easy to get down thinking you aren’t doing enough or gaining enough.

Being active on social media can be very destructive if you don’t remember to look at the reality of life. Many of my friends have planned for these things for months or even years. Many work like crazy and a lot of the people I follow are working while they do all these crazy fun things. Everyone started somewhere and then they had to work.

We all have to start somewhere and build into our perfect lives. Someone like me, who has spent most of my life finding excuses not to do things that scare,  doesn’t have a reason to blame anyone for my lack of success and fun. I did that. I held back and I didn’t plan.

And eventually, I need to just let that go and start now. So, yes, we need to change what we are doing and make each and every day the best that it can be and look at each day as the best day ever. Learning to have appreciation for the little victories and trying everyday to progress is essential to our happiness.

I know we all know this and I know that it’s easier said then done, but really what do we expect to happen if we just keep doing the same damn thing every day.

Social media is great, but it is such a limiting view sometimes. We think, “oh, I have 400 friends, and they all have great things happening! Why not me?” But seriously that just isn’t true. Maybe the 30 or so friends who share have awesome things going on, but what about the other 370? Some are working three jobs and raising kids, some are knee-deep in building a career at a “9 to 5,” some are jumping from job to job trying to make ends meet, and some are just really not doing anything at all. But we don’t see them, they are the silent majority.

Most of them are happy also. Simply happy.

Let yourself also be happy with what you have and where you are. And then push forward and make plans, set goals, and work hard to achieve them. In the end, we are just trying to survive.

POTD: Yellow

I’ve really enjoyed working with this new batch of photographs.

I felt confident when taking these photos and it changed so much about what I was trying to capture. It wasn’t so much the subject, but how I presented the subject. As I took each shot, in my head I could see the final edit and so I focused more on making sure I had everything set to produce the image that was in my head and not so much what I was actually seeing.

That is what is so fun about really getting into your own creativity. With any art that we present to people, we are presenting our interpretation of a certain subject, however, most of the time the viewer is still going to take away from it, what they think it is.

It can be a little frustrating at first, and I remember when I first got into photography how hard it was to deal with not being able to get my ideas across.

As a creator, you get to a point though, where you are no longer creating for others, but for yourself. Ultimately, this is where you want to be. Like anything in life, to really enjoy it, you have to love it and it’s a process.

This time around, yes when I started to pick up photography again, I was doing it for myself, putting anything and everything out there. Then as I noticed certain things getting attention, I tried to mimic them and build up a bit more of my confidence by generating views on my work. Now I am getting back into just having fun with what I am doing, and relaxing more into what is my style. I am more excited about this batch because it’s more about what I like and what I am inspired to see and less about the feelings I am trying to convey.

I am at the point again, where I want people to be able to take what they want from my images and feel what they want. And I want them to share that with me and help me understand them because at this point I think most people who see my work know me fairly well.

So here we have Yellow. Growing alongside a path that runs underneath a bridge. Shaded by trees and long grass, with a crumbling walkway to distract passerby’s. It was strong and powerful, but only once I lifted my eyes and gave it the attention it deserved. That’s the nature of nature, silent and beautiful, easily overlooked.

Thanks again for sharing this moment with me.


QOTD: The Truth About Happines

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.”

-Steve Maraboli

For those of you in the US, I hope you made it through the holiday safe and sound, also happy belated Independence Day. ‘Merica!

I had a fairly quite holiday, the kid and I went to a parade and got caught in some rain. He did good though and luckily I had thought to bring a change a clothes. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and both were in bed by nine, well I was actually on the living room floor because I was exhausted and didn’t think it was worth getting back up to go back to sleep.

Luckily, that meant when the kid got up at 4 this morning, I was ready to get going and took the time to get caught up on these posts.

The other day, I was talking to my mom and was able to admit to her that things were getting a little crazy for me. Finances have never really been my strong point and this summer is just getting a little tight. At the end though, I was able to admit that, despite all the worry and concern, I was still the happiest I have been in a long time.

I was able to keep up with good habits and I am actually attempting to make and keep better habits. It’s gotten easier to pull myself away from negativity and keep my paranoia down. I’ve had fewer lows and more moderate days when it comes to my depression and anxiety.

There is still a forward progression in my life and I am able to notice when I get stagnant and try to find a way to push myself a little more. All of this has been encouraging to think about.

I see how that has been affecting the way I think and act. It’s easier to be a bit more engaging and outgoing. I am getting comfortable with sharing my photography and working on this blog.

My problems still exist, but I know I have the ability to solve them and get things under control. I know it’ll take time but in the end, right now, in this moment, I am happy and that is better than I was a few months ago. It’s getting easier to survive.


POTD: Bird In The Sky

7-1 bird in the tree tops.png

Half the fun of taking pictures in a park is the people watching.

This last weekend as I was walking around, it was interesting to see so many people staring at the ground as they walked around. Just by chance, I was so fascinated by the tops of the trees and so it was really funny to be wandering around in the clouds when people came by.

It got me thinking about all the different ways we choose to view the world. I decided, it doesn’t really matter how hard we try to change the way we look at things, we ultimately still miss things.

For example, this photo. I was so focused on these trees, that I didn’t even notice the bird in the shot. And it was quick, I have a shot that was taken seconds before this and there wasn’t any sign of the bird.

Quick little things, that happen all around us everyday. As I was walking through the park, I could here all kinds of animals, some that may have even growled at me…

And I also saw a lot of people, head phones in or speakers blasting, moving about there day, and I get it, when I work out I blast my music too.

It is just so fun to see how we experience the world around us. This is why it is so important to get to know different kinds of people and I mean really get to know them. This next batch of photos will represent this idea, as I tried to change how even I was viewing different things and angles I was shooting from. There are definitely some normal shots mixed in but, either way I am looking forward to sharing this batch.

The light coming through the leaves and the clear, blue sky was just so beautiful. Mix in a few dead trees and well, I’m in heaven.

Hope you are having a good Monday, and Happy Fourth of July!