Update: State of My Head

I’ve been pretty open about my experience with depression.

Since mid-July, I’ve stepped away from writing for a bit to focus on the mess that is my life. For whatever reason, I thought there were to many distractions and I was afraid things were getting out of control.

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When All Else Fails, Ask For Help

Hey guys,

Lately, I feel like it seems I’ve been bouncing from one project to another, coming up with all these products to sell. I’ve tried to restrict how often I share some of it outside of my business pages on Facebook and Instagram (my personal Instagram is actually a business account now).

There are many reasons why I am trying to sell so much and why I keep coming up with new ideas, but the main reason has to do with the everyday problem of needing money.

I know a lot of people think getting a second job or even finding a new job seems like a good idea but let me break it down for you.

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When You Stay Up til 3 In the Morning… [updated]

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The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful. Late nights are slowly becoming the norm and it is not a good habit to be building.

But in my frustration last night, I decided to just put my mind at ease and get up and work on something I’ve been thinking about.

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Update: I need to confess… I’m a Mormon

And why the Heck that matters…

Over the past month, I’ve been writing more about my experience as a member of the Mormon church and I just wanted to be clear, this isn’t turning into a Mormon blog. It’s just so much of what I have experienced, especially the struggles I am overcoming currently, revolve around my choice of religion.

I am deliberate in using the word “choice” because it was my own choice to join this particular religion/church/community back in 2011. If I was still Roman Catholic, we wouldn’t be having this conversation because it is highly unlikely I’d be anything other then a Holiday Catholic.

So let me start by clarifying the names I use for my particular choice of religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( the official name), LDS Church (shortened name), and Mormon church (nickname).

The reasons I will be discussing more about my choice of religion fall into two areas of discussion

– There are issues I have with the culture of the church. (Not doctrine, but the unnecessary culture norms members of this religion try to pass as doctrine but in reality only cause unnecessary pressure and harm to those who try to meet these unwarranted expectations.)

– I’d like to be a voice in trying to change and create a better atmosphere that better represents the doctrine and beliefs of the Church*.

*You’ll notice I switch from capitalizing church and not depending on if I am talking about the organization itself or the members as a body.

There will be other things I discuss, and the majority of my QOTD’s will not have a religious tone to them. But my religion is a part of who I am and thus will be reflected in the work I do. Ultimately though, this blog is about Surviving Anything and in order for me to reach everyone I’d like to reach, I need to share as much about me and what I’ve experienced.

I hope that you continue to enjoy the things I share and please if you have an opinion or thought, even questions regarding the things I talk about, express them. I’m not afraid to discuss anything I share on here and am always open to new ideas and perspectives.

Thank you for your support and I hope we can continue to share these moments together.


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Babies, Tears, and Cuddles

Being the parent I feel most comfortable being is important.

Before my wife and I separated, we were using the “cry it out” method with my son.

I am going to be honest, it was never my favorite method. It caused me to stress over his safety and well being. When he cried he would get very hot and sweaty and it worried me that he was passing out more from physical over exertion then from being tired.

Now, I want to be clear, now that we are separated, I don’t know what methods my ex-wife is using with my son, mainly because communication with her all but nonexistent. But I have not heard of any problems.

When I moved into my own place, I found it better for both my sanity and his safety to just pick him up when he cried. I knew he was in a new place and I was severely stressed and tired and having to try and wait out him crying wasn’t working.

I quickly realized that it was faster and easier for him to fall asleep if I held him for a few seconds and then placed him back down. Usually it took only one trip into the room and he was fine. Some nights are harder then others. And sometimes I do still let him cry it out if I feel overwhelmed.

Basically, I found what worked best for us and then adjusted. As a parent I have that right. I shouldn’t feel scared that other parents will judge me for my decisions because they aren’t the parent of my child.

I feel like I’ve created a stronger bond with my son by showing him I am going to be there if he cries. This is a benefit because when I need to get ready in the mornings, I know I can leave him in the crib and he will be fine. If he needs something he lets me know and he knows his needs will be met. At least I hope that is what he is learning.

This all fits into just trying to survive in our new situation. For the most part, he is parented similar between our homes. But there are going to be differences and thats okay. He will learn that dad does things differently then mom and he will build that bond individually with both of us.

I am glad, I learned to be okay with doing things the way I need to in my home. It has made it so much easier to be a single parent. We have a schedule and he follows it to an exactness. The only real issue is wake up time. Sometimes we make it all the way to 6:30 and sometimes its 4. But for the most part it works out.

Thats my “surviving anything” moment of the day.

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Time Management: The Fear of Success

My biggest fault when it comes to projects like this blog, is time management. To often, the excuse is, “I don’t have time” when the reality is I spend too much time not focusing. Obviously, my parental duties, come first and with my son going to bed at seven, I have several hours at the end of the day to get things done.

Instead, I lounge around, watch YouTube, or nap. Mostly, it is procrastination. I realize that with a lot of my ideas, I just need to do and not worry about the outcome. In fact, the entire purpose of this blog is to practice doing just that. I’m so obsessed with what others are thinking, I forget what my motivation should be: Doing for the sake of my own feeling of Success.

What Is Success?

Lately, I have been pushing a personal feeling of success. Being okay with the small victories and daily triumphs is really what I want to teach myself. I have my long term goals and really it is in my day to day actions that they will be attainable. This is why starting with a realization of personal, daily success is so important for me. Being able to check off my list of things to do daily is extremely motivating but at the same time that feeling of success is terrifying.

I do still tell myself, “I am not enough” and “It’ll never happen.” It’s defeating.

I want so much to change that because the part of me that isn’t in that darkness, feels confident in everything that I dream about.

So, I am going to keep trying with this blog and hopefully making it the first step in my next step for my business. The idea of Surviving Anything has really been on my mind. I want to really explore that and what I can do with it.

So today, I want to declare, I succeeded.


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Update: I’ve been busy

No really like super busy.

There is no way I am letting this blog fail like all the other ones. The main reason being it is actually the easiest project I have in my life right now. It is also what motivates me the most.

I follow a simple format. Post a “quote of the day” Monday thru Friday, post a paranormal blog before Wednesday, and finish the week with something longer. Throw in an update every once in a while and I am set.

It’s simple because I am writing for me and it’s enjoyable. In a world full of bloggers, the chances of me being noticed are slim to none and I don’t care. I don’t want that pressure on me. Obviously, I can’t handle that responsibility. So, then why am I writing in a public space? Because what’s the point of writing if no one is going to read it? I don’t have close friends who have the time or the willingness to read what I write.

There is a time and place for personal writings, journals, and the such. I’ve burnt out on a lot of that. Working on projects like this just aren’t as much if I am the only one who sees them.

So for you who do read what I write, thank you! You are amazing and I appreciate it. I really do. Most of what I write is terrible and I am sorry, but thanks for reading it.

Have a great week everyone and keep Surviving.