POTD: The Massive

What inspired me the most when taking these last series of photographs, was the thought of trying to view the world differently.

I discussed this quite a bit recently. I don’t necessarily mean in a way that others don’t view it, but as in how can I can view the world different and then present that. I mean as a photographer I am basically working to show you the world how I see it, so if I am not working to view it differently then, I am just showing you what you already see.

For instance, why do I go to the all the local parks and take pictures there?

Well for one, it’s convenient. The parks are close to home which means it doesn’t take long to get there multiple times and if I have an anxiety attack I can get out quick.

It’s also interesting to go somewhere and take a beautiful picture and show my friends and they be completely surprised that, that image was taken in the park. Mainly because when they go there they are so focused on other things, they don’t take the time to really look around.

Ever since I got into photography, that has been my main focus: to capture images of everyday things that people miss and/or wouldn’t consider beautiful.

My first image in my photography class was of a stack of pallets outside of my high school. I love that image, because it was so beautiful in my eyes and yet it was of something completely overlooked by people on a daily basis.

And I get it. Most people at parks go to workout. I honestly get some weird looks when people find me staring out into the trees or crawling across rocks to get a shot. It is a bit embarrassing for me too.

But there is so much out there for us see if we only look and at times look differently.

So I present to you today, the Massive.

This image was taken with the intent of cropping out the man-made structures all around it and behind it. I wanted to make you feel like perhaps I was walking through a field, out in nature, just me and this tree. The reality is the path is actually just to the right, below the crop. There are mansions not to far to the left, and a busy road and bridge straight ahead.

But this park, built the way it was, for a moment, gave me a sense of being out in the wilderness, a place I used to love to be and dreamt of getting lost in. (Literally, I wanted to be a mountain man.) And it’s that sense of isolation that sometimes we don’t realize we can find right in the middle of a city.

There is beauty all around is, even in the most ordinary of things, but if we aren’t trying to find it, we will certainly miss out on it.


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