QOTD: Patience Through the Journey

“If for a while the harder you try, the harder it gets, take heart. So it has been with the best people who ever lived.”

– Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

I’ve become a firm believer in chasing after your dreams.

I’m also a firm believer in learning to recognize when you are wrong.

And for me, I feel like the two need to work together. My biggest dream was to own my own company. I checked this off my dream list almost two years ago. When I did it, I knew that if I got to the point where living this dream became a burden on my family or me, it needed to end.

And I have no problem with that.

It would be insane of me to keep trying to make something work, when clearly it doesn’t work. That doesn’t mean that I need to give up on something the first time it fails. Working hard to achieve your goals is learning from your mistakes, trying to improve constantly, and being open to change.

In essence, achieving my dream wasn’t to have a business that made me wealthy, but simply to take the chance of owning a business and seeing that I am capable of doing so. As reckless and confusing as that may seem, it keeps me from thinking that one success means I can never give up on my business.

Perhaps, it’s the failure of my business that I can learn from.

I don’t know. My business has its ups and downs and I recognize that it depends on the effort I put into it. But just because I work hard to succeed at something doesn’t mean I will.

Either way, it’s possible to survive. If tomorrow, I decided to end my business, I would be okay. It would suck and I would second guess that decision for a long time, I’m sure, but it will still be okay. My life can go on and I can find something else to do.

Life isn’t meant to be weighed only by the successes we see, but also by our ability to overcome the hardships. At some point we are all going to struggle with something, and it may not end well for us. I just hope we can remember to keep going. Regardless of how bad it gets, we can still survive and get back to where we were.

It’s through that effort to get back that we find new ways of achieving those dreams or even find we have different dreams we want to pursue.

Taking every opportunity to learn and grow is ultimately more important than trying to prove to everyone else we are successful. Even trying to prove to ourselves we are successful can get tricky. Every book you read, every motivational speaker you listen to will give you a different bar to set. We need to be okay with setting our own bar and resetting it constantly.

So it comes down to making the decision to keep going and push through or give up and push through. Either way it’s going to be hard, but making the decision that works for you is what ends up being the most important.


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