POTD: Soft

I love getting really close to things.

When I am in love with someone, I like to hold them close. When I hug my son, I have to give him a good squeeze. When I photograph things, I am all about the small details.

I want like to see all the details in an image. Working with a Macro Lens has always been so fun. And I would love to get closer.

Bringing this image into black and white lost some the details on the subject but helped to mute the background. I was glad to have a strong highlight on one side but made sure not to lose too much in the shadow.

The image is very quiet and soft. I keep imagining myself running my hand along a soft white rug.

This image was taken in Zorinsky Lake park in Omaha, Nebraska. I was facing the lake itself and the dark line across the middle of the image is the tree line along the shore opposite of me. It was around 4 pm when I took the shot and the sky was clear so I had a lot of direct sunshine hitting my subject.

At this point I was in need of getting out the sun, and this was a last minute shot. I remember there was a lady walking towards me on the path and I sort of did a double take as I was walking past this. I saw it but was more concerned about finding water, that I had to convince myself to stop and capture it.

I am glad I did and am really satisfied with the grey tones that came out of the image.

It’s just very soft.


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