POTD: The Bridge

Let’s start with the fact that I love this image.

It is hands down in my top three favorites from this latest batch of photos. I enjoy the image as a whole, the subject and the overall feel. I love working with wood. In fact, one of the first photographs I ever developed was of an aged pallet. Trust me, it was cool.

This is a bridge that spans a small creek/stream in Zorinsky Lake Park. It is very narrow and the there are these wooden walls on either side. It’s very difficult for a biker and a pedestrian to use this bridge at the same time. The wood has been worn from handle bars scraping the side as bikers try to get across.

All along the length of the bridge are these gashes.

It is the varying personality and story of wood subjects that I love. The cracks and stains. The holes and gaps. It’s all so interesting.

I wanted to make sure the focus was on a specific spot on the bridge, to highlight the details but also provide the full scale of the object. Usually on my IPhone 7, I don’t get such a shallow depth of field at this distance from a object, but I believe I had on my macro and wide angle lens combo and it helped to blur out the background.

This is an image I love to just sit and stare at. It’s relaxing to me and knowing that I was able to achieve the outcome I wanted with this image feels really good.

Eventually, I will get this framed. I just have to.

This is my official Friday post, look out for some late posts also going up today to make up for the missed ones from earlier in the week. Otherwise, I will see y’all again on Monday!


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