POTD: Bird In The Sky

7-1 bird in the tree tops.png

Half the fun of taking pictures in a park is the people watching.

This last weekend as I was walking around, it was interesting to see so many people staring at the ground as they walked around. Just by chance, I was so fascinated by the tops of the trees and so it was really funny to be wandering around in the clouds when people came by.

It got me thinking about all the different ways we choose to view the world. I decided, it doesn’t really matter how hard we try to change the way we look at things, we ultimately still miss things.

For example, this photo. I was so focused on these trees, that I didn’t even notice the bird in the shot. And it was quick, I have a shot that was taken seconds before this and there wasn’t any sign of the bird.

Quick little things, that happen all around us everyday. As I was walking through the park, I could here all kinds of animals, some that may have even growled at me…

And I also saw a lot of people, head phones in or speakers blasting, moving about there day, and I get it, when I work out I blast my music too.

It is just so fun to see how we experience the world around us. This is why it is so important to get to know different kinds of people and I mean really get to know them. This next batch of photos will represent this idea, as I tried to change how even I was viewing different things and angles I was shooting from. There are definitely some normal shots mixed in but, either way I am looking forward to sharing this batch.

The light coming through the leaves and the clear, blue sky was just so beautiful. Mix in a few dead trees and well, I’m in heaven.

Hope you are having a good Monday, and Happy Fourth of July!


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