POTD: Through the Fence [Part 2]

Purple by the Bridge 1.png

I shared the first part of this series two weeks ago.

This little walking bridge, was actively protecting everything you see growing here. You can’t tell but this is actually looking downhill, with  the bottom probably a good six or seven feet below the bottom of the bridge.

All of it untouched because the people walking past it only see the fencing and wood planks. I had walked past it twice without noticing.

I had found bushes covered in flowers like this not too far from here but they were buried in the trees and I wasn’t prepared to trek through high grass to get there. Plus i’m sure something would of tried to eat me.

These were also hard to gain access to. I was leaning over the edge of the bank to get even this shot. I loved it but I knew there was more ways to look at this. The post previous to this talks about that.

But when I went to choose which images to edit and eventually post, this shot definitely stood out as important. I experimented a little with the color and love the way the purple adds to the feel of the shot. I don’t usually like to mess with the color in this way, but this batch of photos just needed it. It’s fun when you get inspired in this way.

As a photographer, I still haven’t found a style that is consistent when it comes to how my images look. I know that part of it has to do with the fact that most my photos hold an emotional attachment. With this batch, I was just really happy and comfortable. When I went to edit them, a playful side kind of came out. I still feel that happiness when I look at these photos.

And sometimes I wish I could make that feeling more obvious in my work. I guess it’ll be interesting to see how I choose to really set myself apart as a photographer. Exciting really.

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