When All Else Fails, Ask For Help

Hey guys,

Lately, I feel like it seems I’ve been bouncing from one project to another, coming up with all these products to sell. I’ve tried to restrict how often I share some of it outside of my business pages on Facebook and Instagram (my personal Instagram is actually a business account now).

There are many reasons why I am trying to sell so much and why I keep coming up with new ideas, but the main reason has to do with the everyday problem of needing money.

I know a lot of people think getting a second job or even finding a new job seems like a good idea but let me break it down for you.

First, as a single parent, my time with Levi is crucial. So my options are finding a job with an extreme level of flexibility to allow me to work five days one week and two the next, in order for me not to have to work when I had Levi. Its possible, but not likely.

Or I could work it out and hire a babysitter. Again this would mean then having to take the extra income and use that to pay a second sitter to watch Levi while I worked a second job. This isn’t as possible as it seems. Especially when paying a sitter would cost me more hourly than I could possibly make at a part time job.

I want to pause here and ask you to keep reading, I promise I am not just making excuses.

Second, I know it’s crazy but there is no way I am leaving my current job. You see, my current job holds the potential for something great. I’ve spent many hours pondering over this situation and the reality is, there is a better long term outcome staying where I am and figuring it out, over attempting to start somewhere new.

And this where I tell you what my plan is:

So what exactly am I going to do?

Well I am going to actually use the resources and skills I have to try and find the answer to my problem by creating things. In case you didn’t now, I have an Etsy shop where I sell painted wood signs and my photography. One sells better then the other and I can tell you it’s not my photography. I also started designing shirts and I plan on keeping up with that.

And so, all I am asking tonight is this: please just keep me in mind if anything I do could meet a need of yours.

Maybe you want a cool sign to hang in your lovely kitchen, hit me up! If its a new design I will give you killer deal because thats what I do.

Maybe you want some photos to hang on a wall, hit me up! I am always trying to expand my selection and so it’s worth a look to see if I have anything you’d like. (By the way I am going to be dropping a huge batch into my Etsy shop this weekend.)

Maybe you are looking for a new shirt, hit me up! I am just starting with this but I am telling myself that nothing is impossible so I hope to keep churning out stuff.

It’s kinda chaotic but it’s a part of plan.

Being a dad who is around  for Levi is so important to me. I get that the normal thing to do would be to work my butt off to provide for us and sacrifice everything, but I always told myself that I wouldn’t sacrifice my time with my kids.

By keeping me in mind, you are allowing me the opportunity to be with Levi as much as possible. I can work full time at a job that can be a great future for us and I can run my businesses part time after he goes to bed or even while he is awake as he gets older.

In the end, though, you are helping me to be there for him.

I hope you know I am being as honest as I can with all of you. I try not to bombard you with ads, but sometimes like today, I just need to ask for your help. If you can just keep me in your mind, check out my stuff from time to time and maybe even share with a friend something you think is cool (and only if you truly think it is cool) you’d be doing so much for me.

I am so grateful to have so many people who have helped me in the last few months and I am so grateful to have so many friends who consistently inspire me to be the best me that I can. I just want to do the best for Levi and myself, and so thank you for giving me a moment of your time.

Love ya!

This is my website: www.thehusbandandwifeco.com

This is my Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/thehusbandandwifeco

This is one of my Facebook Pages:https://www.facebook.com/undefeateandalive/

It is mainly filled with stuff from this Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jorgesiow/

My latest project, the Shirts, can be found here: https://survivinganything.threadless.com/



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