QOTD: Sunshine

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”
― Walt Whitman

When I leave work, the sun is usually directly in front of me .

Going from being indoors all day to the sunshine, usually requires me to have to squint or close my eyes as I walk out.

When I can the suns warmth, I lift my head up and just let the heat hit me. I do it out of habit most days, and it’s a little weird but that one quick moment is always so refreshing.

It’s like God is smacking me in the face with happiness every time. It’s not like I don’t like my job, but being inside all day staring at a computer screen is a bit draining.

It also becomes too easy to think about life and get worried about things that I can’t control. It also doesn’t help that I get ideas for new projects that I can’t work on because, well I am at work.

It’s normal though.

In that moment though, it all goes away. For a moment, there is now doubt, no fear, and no worry. Just me and the sun, warmth and light.

I guess it’s like getting an angels hug.

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