POTD: The Lonely Tree [part 2]

Exposed Roots.png

Last week I shared a post called The Lonely Tree.

Something I had noticed while working with the tree, was the roots that had grown exposed above ground.

I’ve had the opportunity to dig up several trees in high school and it was always so frustrating to have to cut through the root system. You can definitely get a feel for how strong a tree desires to live as you fight your way through them.

When roots do pop up it is always interesting to see how much damage they can take and still provide for the tree. Under the surface there is still life working constantly to provide all the tree needs.

I personally just loved how these roots looked. Worn and scarred, it was just powerful to me. They were like dried bones laying in the grass. I definitely want to go back and get a few different shots and try to bring out more of the character I was feeling.

I definitely loved working with this tree.

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