POTD: From Above

If there is one thing I have come to love about Omaha, Nebraska, it would have to be the amount of parks they have. Ed Zorinsky recreational park, was such a beautiful park to walk in and I only explored about a quarter or less of it. 

Along the way, there were a lot of little patches of flowers popping up here and there. Most were isolated in individual bunches, likes this one, spaced a few feet apart. 

Originally I had shot this bunch of flowers with my macro lens on and I’ll be sharing those images later this week. 

But as I was looking around, I really wanted to capture the intense contrast these little ones had with their surroundings. If I was a painter I would of spent most of my time painting what would be a massive green background with specks of color here and there. It was really beautiful to scan around and find just there bursts of color. 

With a few of the flowers I found, I took some lovely landscape type photographs but wasn’t really satisfied with the contrast. So as I was thinking about this photo, I slowly started to stand up and realized that looking down into the grass created the image I was looking for. 

It was just one of those happy moments of realization when you find the answer or solution to your problem right in front of your face. And so that is how this little gem was created. 

I discussed perspectives last week and this fits in with that. Sometimes we make more of mess and more trouble for ourselves by complicating the answers we are looking for, instead of letting the simplicity of life have free reign. 

I hope everyone has a great Monday night and we will see ya tomorrow. 

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