POTD: Perspective

Side of the Trail.png

After all that I have shared this week, I was worried when I saw this was the photograph that I had chosen first and thus was the last one to be scheduled.

I had expected to post it last week but was hesitant because I wasn’t sure it was good enough. As I came across it again, I had the same hesitation. What makes this shot special?

And then it came to me. It is the story behind it, or rather the story I can pull from it. You see, I don’t know what kind of plant it is, it was growing every where and honestly, I am sure my plant propagation teacher is sad that I’ve forgotten how to identity any of it.

I remember walking along and noticed the patch growing along the side of the path and wanted to try and capture it all in one big group. I did and perhaps it’ll be posted later. I also wanted to try and single out a few of the plants though.

I was just experimenting really.

This shot made it through and as I edited and dug through the masses of shots I had, it kept making the cut. I just didn’t know why.

Tonight, I finally see it for what it can be.

Here was this plant, growing much the same as it’s peers, to everyone around, it wasn’t anything special. Alone though it can shine and it can be beautiful. It’s an individual made up of it’s own qualities. Blending in but capable of standing out. Normal but capable of being abnormal.

Like all of us, it can shine bright and beautiful if we give it the time to tell us it’s story.

I hope you have enjoyed in seeing the world though my eyes this week and I hope that it inspires you to look a little different at everything around you. You never know what or who you can find. Just remember everyone is beautiful, it is us who are viewing them who must allow that beauty into our lives.

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!

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