POTD: The Trail [Part 2]

Grass Along the Trail B&W.png

Ed Zorinsky Recreational Park in Omaha, Nebraska, was such a gold mine for inspiration.

When I stumbled upon this trail, I knew that I had been asked by the official park sign not to go on it. But clearly I wasn’t the first person to do so.

As I was looking over this spot, the idea came to mind, to get real low, as in crouch down because I wasn’t about to put my bare knee in the dirt. (I was itchy enough as it was.)

It changed my view enough to make this area seem larger and wild. It broke up the uniformity of the rest of the trail. Here is where it really felt like an adventure. I wanted to get lost and find something new. I wanted to spend hours here, much as I had done in the forests of northern California when I was in college.

For a moment I was far away from everyone and there was no going back.

I wanted to shrink down to have the grass tower over me, the trees standing as giants. Adventure truly is out there.

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