“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last week was filled with a multiple opportunities to be honest about who I am.

It was really inspiring but at the same time really exhausting. The more I felt inspired to continue down this path of blogging, photography, and creating, the more of a mental load I started to take on.

As is normal, part of that load is doubt and fear. It can be draining and last week ended up becoming a week of napping. I mean like deep napping, more like sleeping, sleeping for a long time. It was a moment to kind of stand back and remember that with progress comes a need to reevaluate my situation and make sure to take care of myself and be okay with whatever those needs are.

On what felt like such a high week, I was beyond tired.

And that is who I am. I am a person who gets mentally tired a lot because of how much I think and over think and blah…

Maybe to some that’s a bad thing but for me, right now, learning to be okay with it is so important and I am so glad that I didn’t get mad at myself for taking the time to sleep.

You know, in reality, my life is pretty boring, but I’ve made something of my life and it makes me happy. It makes me want to think about the future and it makes me hopeful.

If that’s wrong well then so be it, but I am going to nap as much as I please and as much as my body needs, then I am going to get back to work and keep surviving.

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