POTD: The Naked Tree

Naked Pine.png

I should really take the time to study more about trees.

This was from my adventures in Ed Zorinsky Recreational Park in Omaha, Nebraska. I found this area of trees after I decided to ignore the one sign that said to stay on the path and follow along a dirt path that ran parallel to the normal path.

The reason I want to learn about tree’s has to do with what I am seeing here. Why are the branches on the lower end all broken and “dead?”

I guess, it could be because the canopy created by the tops would render them useless as not enough light gets through. I mean, that’s what I would say if I was pretending to know what I was talking about.

I definitely loved this spot though.

This is what I look for in nature. The not so pretty, pretty things. I pushed the lovely green, lively trees to the back and put in focus the branches and the trunks. The foundations for it all, the parts that keeping growing, providing the necessities for the rest. Year after year, they grow and strengthen. While most of us will love the tree for the few moments it looks “pretty,” I’ll love them for what they are, a whole lot of everything.

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