POTD: The Lonely Tree

The Single Tree.png

When walking in parks, I wonder about how they are planned out. I literally have no idea how a park is created. How much of it is natural and how much was designed my man?

Take this tree for instance.

It was just growing by itself along the path. There wasn’t much around around it except the tall grass and then the forested area behind it. Was this planned? Did it just grow here after they were done or was it already here and they just went around it?

One thing I do know is most of these parks are around reservoirs that were created to help with water issues. At one point, one of them was just farm land. I don’t know the history of this park, Ed Zorinsky Park, and I should probably find out. The name alone is curious because the other parks I go to are named for the area they are in.

I also wonder if this tree is lonely. Can tree’s feel lonely? Would it matter? Either way I guess, it’s doing it’s thing and everyday it works on survival. It’ll grow and grow, watching people go by everyday, no one paying it much attention. It’ll provide shade and a home for wildlife. One day it may get to big and begin to tear up the sidewalk. Then what?

So, I was glad to take it’s picture, providing it a chance to live on in my memories and in the memories of all who see it, as the tree that did it’s thing and didn’t care, because that’s what trees do.

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