POTD: Through the Fence

Photography should force you to look at the world different. It should move you to explore and experiment with how you see the world.

This photo isn’t the greatest or the most unique, but the story behind it reminds of why, as a photographer, I like to move slowly and try to look for things that can be glanced over. Again, this was shot at Ed Zorinsky Recreational Park in Omaha, Nebraska. I was actually on my way back to my car and had to cross over a couple of bridges. The bridges were efficient at ensuring no one had easy access to the creeks below and I am sure that is for a good reason.

Why trying to find a good shot of the bridge, I noticed this large flowering plant. [I’m not good at identifying plants so if you know what it is please let me know.] At this point I was already really obsessed with the bright flowers I found growing in the park, but like this plant, most were inaccessible. Wanting to try an capture the color though, I took a few shots, one of which I will spotlight later on, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the outcome.

This plant, was easily missed because it grew out along the bank parallel to the bottom of the bridge and as a casual walker you wouldn’t have a need to look down as you crossed. I wanted to try and get closer to the flowers but I wasn’t about to risk climbing down the bank, which I couldn’t see, and there was this fencing along the bridge which kept it at a distance.

As I was staring at the flowers through the fence, I realized that the fence is apart of the flowers story. While it kept me and others from getting to this plant, acting like a restriction, for the plant it was a protector. It was able to grow larger and longer because it wasn’t disturbed. The flowers could sprout and do their thing and no one was going to come along and trample them or pick them (do people do that still?)

I enjoyed this thought and wanted to work together with the fence in this shot. I allowed it create a bottom border in the photo and with the vines that were growing along it completing the border along the other edges, the eye should be drawn to the middle of the image and the vibrant purple of the flowers. Man and nature working together, unintentionally to create a moment where we can reflect on the coordination of roles to provide opportunities.

I’m sure we can all think of how to tie that thought into our lives and come up with some wise and powerful metaphor, but I will leave that to you.


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