POTD: Tunnel

It took roughly two hours to take this photo.

Not a continuous two hours but from the point when I first saw this log and the moment when I captured this image, was about two hours.

This log was laying among three young trees that had grown from where this tree had once stood. Originally, I noted the spot as one I wouldn’t be able to capture until I had better equipment. I did not have faith in my ability to use my phone camera to capture an image that was acceptable.

I knew leaving this spot was going to nag at me but I did and tried to just move past it. Unfortunately and fortunately, I always retrace my steps when I take photos in case I miss anything from the opposite angle.

As I approached this spot again, I decided to just take a change and try to see what was possible. The sun had moved in a better position to spotlight the very top middle portion of this hallowed log and having had luck earlier in the day, I started to play around with my settings.

I ended up loving the image that came out and am honestly so excited to share this. Wood has become one of favorite subjects and to be able to find a piece like this one that was in just the perfect spot and allowed me to shot directly through it was fantastic.

Sometimes I just need to be patient and not say things aren’t possible.


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