POTD: Sunlight

This photo represents a moment that literally stopped me in my tracks.

I was walking in Ed Zorinsky Park in Omaha, Nebraska,when I rounded a corner along the path and looked up (usually I walk with my head down looking for little things.)

Before me was a tree lined path, sunshine falling between the leaves and just a sacred, quiet feeling. As I scanned my surroundings my focus fell upon one tree, who’s trunk was highlighted with light and it seemed to just call to me.

Moments like this are what set me off when I am out taking pictures. I have some anxiety that I have to deal with and being in public causes me to panic and feel very stiff and unfocused.

When I saw this image, all I could think about was trying to capture it and bring that same life I was witnessing into the image I was taking. For me, this image set off the next hour of picture taking. Everything was inspired by this image alone, all the images to come this week and the ones from last week would not have been taken, had I not seen this very tree.

So to say I love this tree would be a complete understatement.


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