POTD: The Trail [Part 1]

Zorinsky Trail 2.png

Normally, when taking pictures I do my best to not draw any unwanted attention to me. I do not like to seem suspicious or look odd. Seeing as I am using my phone as my equipment, I feel people must think I am ridiculous when they see me. I also do my best to follow rules in parks and again not look suspicious.

However, this new area I went to had these trails leading off from the main concrete path. I had seen a sign when I parked that asked us to stay on the path and I fully intended to do so. The curiosity was too great, however, and when no one was around, I snuck into the trees and followed the trail.

They were clearly well maintained and so I slowly began to feel at ease knowing it wouldn’t be odd to find someone out here. I was very glad I had taken the opportunity to be adventurous, however small it was.

This photo is along the trail. Originally the idea was to capture the path itself, focusing the eye down the path to its infinite end. I took a few shoots , but did not feel it captured the moment I was in. So I stopped for a second and asked what I loved most about this scene.

The angle of the light through the trees and the long, skinny plant on my right really set the frame of this image. Had they not been together in my sight just as they were, perhaps I wouldn’t have noticed the beauty of the trail, I could have kept walking and would have never embraced the moment. And so in that thought, I knew they had to be my subject.

And so I adjusted my focus, setting in on the plant itself and then allowing the light to naturally add a glare across the scene. The eye wants to draw down the path but I hope the crispness of the plant itself forces the eye to wander out and process instead the scene immediately in front. Balanced with the light on the side, the path fades away, for it is the false subject, the false story.

Hopefully, I succeeded at this, but if not please let me know what you feel.


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