Photo of the Day: Melancholy

White Flowers Macro 2.png


That is the emotion that comes to mid immediately when I see this image. Sadness with no obvious reason. It is the beauty of the image in my mind that registers this feeling.

The subject of this image, the white flowers, were growing along the walking path at Ed Zorinsky Lake in Omaha, Nebraska. They were growing alone among the tall grass and other foliage. In a sea of green there was this beacon of white.

When I meet people who I can connect to, they feel like this. Normally, the people around me, even those who I consider close friends are blurs around me. I try to develop those friendships but I repeatedly hit this wall. When I do finally find someone with whom I make a real and honest connection it is like falling in love. It’s taken time to recognize the difference in the emotions however and though I don’t have a name for this other feeling, I know it is real.

When you struggle so much to just connect, there is an overwhelming sense of relief when you finally do. However, because it is such a rare occurrence you tend to struggle with trusting it and at times mistake it for something else. You come to fear the beauty of companionship if those experiences don’t progress well.

And so these flowers, standing alone, shining about all around, bring an emotion that is honest, scary, and powerful.


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