Mistake VS Failure

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

– George Bernard Shaw

One could say life is just a series of mistakes with a sprinkle of success. It would be a pretty dark view on life, but fairly accurate. 

Life is a learning experience and will require us to make mistakes. Children are expected to make mistakes. We expect them to fall the first time they walk. We expect them to mispronounce and misspell words. For the first decade of our life making mistakes is an expectation. 

Then it slowly starts to shift and we begin learning that mistakes are inherently bad. Mistakes should be avoided and if we don’t fit within a certain set of “perfect” guidelines we aren’t good enough. As adults we constantly worry and obsess over everything we do looking for any little mistake we have made. 

I don’t want to say we should expect to fail because we really should focus on a mindset that believes we can succeed. I do believe we should expect to make a mistake along the way. As a small business owner, I spend a few hours everyday trying to figure out why one thing was successful and another wasn’t. Sometimes, as in most the time, I find where I have made a mistake or didn’t quite proofread something or uploaded something wrong. It’s what happens. It’s just me trying to get all these things done and be able to walk away with a few dollars in my pocket. 

If I spent everyday beating my self up because of that, I’d never gotten anywhere. It’s the same with almost anything else. At some point we have to be okay with our mistakes and use them to our advantage. Learning and growing cannot be achieved with out a merciful look at our own mistakes and success. 

With this blog I’m usually scrambling last minute to get something ready and rarely proofread, so my grammar and spelling can be terrible at times. Someday I will learn to balance time better to be able to improve this. But right now I am more concerned with writing as often as I can that I will live with those mistakes and rarely worry about them. 

That’s why mistakes aren’t failure. Learning the difference is essential to our happiness. 


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