QOTD: Just Make A Choice!

May 12, 2017


“Do not accept whatever comes. Do not accept whatever goes. You have infinite power. Exercise your choice.”

– Amit Ray

Why do we feel powerless?

When do we start to say “I can’t?”

Even saying “I should” gives the impression of being forced.

Now keep in mind this doesn’t apply to all things and understand yes, some things you should not and really can’t do (i.e. rob, steal, murder, live without blood, fly using only the power of your arms, hopefully you get the point).

I specifically think about going to college. I’ve technically dropped out twice now. And it really doesn’t bother me. It bothers me that people look down at me for not getting an education, or “wasting my talents.”

I personally feel like sitting in a classroom is a waste of my time. Do I like learning? Yes. Do I find educating yourself important? Abosolutely. But a classroom education just doesn’t work for everyone. I am one of those people.

Many of my future plans do require a wealth of knowledge about things that I could learn in school but honestly I can learn them outside of school as well and in different ways. I like to do things and fail and then figure out why it didn’t work. Is this the best plan for everything? Oh gosh no. Luckily, I learned to have a fall back. Which is why I work full-time and will continue to do so for many more years.

But even my plan doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, many people jump ship with no plan at all and boom! Success!

I just want to encourage you to do what works for you, and be safe about it. You determine what works and you determine what’s safe (keep others safe too!).

Surviving Anything means realizing you are capable of leading your own life.


I trust myself. And if I trust myself, then I can survive anything.

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