QOTD: Positive Action

May 9, 2017


“When you change your mind, you change your potential. When you change your actions, you change your life.”

– Eric Sands

Everyday I try to accomplish two things: Do something positive and do something fun.

I have to say that is pretty easy to do when I am posting my photos and these quotes on my Instagram because it is fun seeing people react to my work and also it is motivating to read the quotes I share first thing each morning.

From there my day changes so much. I feel so motivated to take advantage of each day. Some days that means pulling off the road and going for a walk or going to the store and dreaming about buying furniture. Some days I just go home and play some air guitar and pretend to be a rock star (I am proud of my fake stardom).

When I have my son, I don’t fuss about too much. I try to find time to play and sing with him. I will read to him each night and we will get ready in the morning together. And when I don’t have him I shift focus to working on my business and planning for the future. All of this to just keep positive and keep forward pushing.

It has been the small, simple things that have made the biggest difference in my life. Each day gets easy and I look forward to getting up and starting a new day. The biggest change has been my attitude change about getting up early on the weekends. I finally understand why it is such a good idea.

Surviving anything is about changing your actions to create the life you want. Don’t ever give up.

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