Update: I need to confess… I’m a Mormon

And why the Heck that matters…


Over the past month, I’ve been writing more about my experience as a member of the Mormon church and I just wanted to be clear, this isn’t turning into a Mormon blog. It’s just so much of what I have experienced, especially the struggles I am overcoming currently, revolve around my choice of religion.

I am deliberate in using the word “choice” because it was my own choice to join this particular religion/church/community back in 2011. If I was still Roman Catholic, we wouldn’t be having this conversation because it is highly unlikely I’d be anything other then a Holiday Catholic.

So let me start by clarifying the names I use for my particular choice of religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( the official name), LDS Church (shortened name), and Mormon church (nickname).

The reasons I will be discussing more about my choice of religion fall into two areas of discussion

– There are issues I have with the culture of the church. (Not doctrine, but the unnecessary culture norms members of this religion try to pass as doctrine but in reality only cause unnecessary pressure and harm to those who try to meet these unwarranted expectations.)

– I’d like to be a voice in trying to change and create a better atmosphere that better represents the doctrine and beliefs of the Church*.

*You’ll notice I switch from capitalizing church and not depending on if I am talking about the organization itself or the members as a body.

There will be other things I discuss, and the majority of my QOTD’s will not have a religious tone to them. But my religion is a part of who I am and thus will be reflected in the work I do. Ultimately though, this blog is about Surviving Anything and in order for me to reach everyone I’d like to reach, I need to share as much about me and what I’ve experienced.

I hope that you continue to enjoy the things I share and please if you have an opinion or thought, even questions regarding the things I talk about, express them. I’m not afraid to discuss anything I share on here and am always open to new ideas and perspectives.

Thank you for your support and I hope we can continue to share these moments together.


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