Surviving Anything: Under the Bridge

When you are a dreamer, you mind is always on the go.


Missed opportunities are my inspiration. Let me explain.

I started dreaming up this clothing idea only a few weeks ago. I started looking around and researching what it would take. I played with some designs and put myself in a really awkward place by trying to crowdfund, which I have no problem with crowdfunding, it’s just not my thing.

Then my parents came into town. It was a much needed break and honestly, I had planned on putting away my work and just wanted to enjoy myself. That didn’t quite happen.

When you are a dreamer, your mind is always on the go. Couple that with a photography habit and you find yourself constantly filming movies and organizing photo shoots in your mind. I was doing my best though to try and live in the moment.

Then my mom suggested I take out my camera and take some pictures. Now, sharing my photography is hard enough, but engaging in it in front of people is just impossible. That is until I gave in to my passion.

We were walking towards this bridge and the longer I stared at it, the more in love I fell with it. Fortunately for me, we had no idea where we were going and ended up right below it at a dead end. I felt my insides get all tense and I knew this was a moment I need to take. My camera in hand I took a few shots at what I hoped would be something worth sharing.

And that is how the “Under the Bridge” design started. It was another break in my walls of suppression that keep me away from happiness. I didn’t miss that opportunity like before. In fact, just minutes before, I was laying out excuses to keep my camera stashed away.

Ultimately, those few minutes under this bridge changed everything for me. I accepted that crowdfunding may be my best route. I kept these designs in the ready for what I thought was a long wait and a practice in patience.

Part of surviving is accepting your situation for what it is and moving forward. You keep your mind focused in reality and you push into a course you feel confident in. For me, this led to discovering a better and simpler way to accomplish my dreams.

Now I can bring you three amazing designs, that represent exactly what I want to bring to the table.

Powerful things happen when we start living for our own happiness and it’s in happiness that we can survive anything.

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