Surviving Anything: Dry Grass

The start of my journey to survive anything.


When it comes to finding happiness, photography brings me the greatest joy. Merging my photography into the products I can offer only brings it to a new level.

The “Dry Grass Square” design represents the beginning of this adventure. This image was taken when I first jumped back into photography in March. At the time, it was more important for me to break the barriers I had built up to keep from being happy and to just be comfortable with who I am.

I remember this day was the first time I had been in public in years and not felt completely uncomfortable and anxious. As my focus became capturing the story unfolding around me, I slowly dissolved into the background and the only things that mattered where contained to what was just in my view.

For a moment I was lost.

Then reality came flooding back in as I packed up and headed back to my car. However, I was different now because I had given in to my passion, and though my reality wasn’t any different, I felt better about my future and the hope I had been looking for was slowly being found.

This was the start of my journey to survive anything that life presented. I knew I was the only barrier to my happiness and changing my focus and my drive in life was the key to hope and joy.

Creating products with stories like this isn’t easy. Fear of rejection and misunderstanding has stopped me along the way, but only momentarily. It’s more important that these stories are shared, because I needed someone when my family broke apart but didn’t know where to turn. Now that I am starting to piece my life back together, I want to be there for someone else. I want to help people find hope and encourage them to survive.

I believe family is whom ever you choose to let into your life, and with a big family we can survive anything.

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