Surviving Anything: Downtown Omaha

My choice to survive here and make this my home.


When I first moved to Omaha, Nebraska, I expected it to only be temporary. I was supposed to head back to Idaho to continue my education and then we thought maybe Missouri would be where we ended up. Two years later, I’ve come to except it at as home and am starting to look forward to growing here.

When my family life broke apart, I initially thought of taking my son to Los Angeles and starting fresh. I had a 24 hour window, where if I had acted, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here sharing any of this. But I felt keeping my son in Omaha would provide a better life for him and I accepted that this was going to be it for me.

Things started to change rather quickly once I agreed to stay. I was able to improve my work situation and found a decent apartment to move into. Now that I was no longer a “tourist” I started to explore more and really take a look at what I had.

Omaha has it’s charm. In the span of a half hour you can go from quiet country roads, through expanding cookie cutter neighborhoods, man-made lakes and into a downtown area rich with history. Being Mormon I also get to enjoy the close proximity of historical sites.

And so this is what the “Downtown Omaha” design represents. My choice to survive here and make this my home. I no longer worry about where I will move when my son moves out of my house. I dream of living in paradise but I know this can be paradise if given the chance.

We don’t always end up in the exact place we want to be. Adjusting to the flow of life and taking and giving chances to our circumstances is how we can learn to keep surviving anything.

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