Time Management: The Fear of Success

My biggest fault when it comes to projects like this blog, is time management. To often, the excuse is, “I don’t have time” when the reality is I spend too much time not focusing. Obviously, my parental duties, come first and with my son going to bed at seven, I have several hours at the end of the day to get things done.

Instead, I lounge around, watch YouTube, or nap. Mostly, it is procrastination. I realize that with a lot of my ideas, I just need to do and not worry about the outcome. In fact, the entire purpose of this blog is to practice doing just that. I’m so obsessed with what others are thinking, I forget what my motivation should be: Doing for the sake of my own feeling of Success.

What Is Success?

Lately, I have been pushing a personal feeling of success. Being okay with the small victories and daily triumphs is really what I want to teach myself. I have my long term goals and really it is in my day to day actions that they will be attainable. This is why starting with a realization of personal, daily success is so important for me. Being able to check off my list of things to do daily is extremely motivating but at the same time that feeling of success is terrifying.

I do still tell myself, “I am not enough” and “It’ll never happen.” It’s defeating.

I want so much to change that because the part of me that isn’t in that darkness, feels confident in everything that I dream about.

So, I am going to keep trying with this blog and hopefully making it the first step in my next step for my business. The idea of Surviving Anything has really been on my mind. I want to really explore that and what I can do with it.

So today, I want to declare, I succeeded.


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