QOTD: Finding Peace Or Something Close To It

Whatever the crap that means.


“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”

-Virginia Woolf

I am not good at this, at all.

I like to avoid life. Putting things off to the last minute could be on my resume, I am so good at it. In the last few months, it has been easy to let things slide, I am single again and there isn’t anyone nagging me to get things done anymore. But sometimes you need that. Not nagging, but an inner voice that is successful at getting you to get things done now instead of later.

Usually, it is the boring stuff we put off because it just not fun to do. It can be stressful and just overwhelming sometimes. When we let it build up it only gets worse. That doesn’t help anyone.

My goal for the rest of this month and next is to handle my shit. I have a long list of housekeeping things to take care of and it’s starting to get ridiculous.

As an example, I recently cleaned my business closet. Yes, all of my business items are sitting in one closet. That was my idea of organizing. It quickly became a cluster of insanity and I kept putting it off. This weekend, it finally happened, in my need to find one thing, everything was taken out. I decided it was time to really organize and it took almost no time at all and honestly, I tossed a bunch of crap that was just trash.

When it comes to my business, I feel good. I want that for the other areas of my life. So take the first step and join me in writing down all the crap you need to do and then set a goal to get it done by certain date. Put it somewhere where you can see it and then do it.

We got this. We can survive anything.

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