Update: I’ve been busy

No really like super busy.


There is no way I am letting this blog fail like all the other ones. The main reason being it is actually the easiest project I have in my life right now. It is also what motivates me the most.

I follow a simple format. Post a “quote of the day” Monday thru Friday, post a paranormal blog before Wednesday, and finish the week with something longer. Throw in an update every once in a while and I am set.

It’s simple because I am writing for me and it’s enjoyable. In a world full of bloggers, the chances of me being noticed are slim to none and I don’t care. I don’t want that pressure on me. Obviously, I can’t handle that responsibility. So, then why am I writing in a public space? Because what’s the point of writing if no one is going to read it? I don’t have close friends who have the time or the willingness to read what I write.

There is a time and place for personal writings, journals, and the such. I’ve burnt out on a lot of that. Working on projects like this just aren’t as much if I am the only one who sees them.

So for you who do read what I write, thank you! You are amazing and I appreciate it. I really do. Most of what I write is terrible and I am sorry, but thanks for reading it.

Have a great week everyone and keep Surviving.

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