QOTD: Challenges

April 10, 2017 – The truth is they suck!


“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

– Joshua J. Marine

Let’s be real for a minute.

I understand where this is coming from. And I can say that personally, my divorce was a huge wake up call and in hindsight has made my life more meaningful. However, it sucks and in no way do I ever want anyone to ever have to experience this. For me, this isn’t the kind of interesting I want in life, ever. For anyone, going through life and experiencing any level of challenges, I don’t know if something like this really helps. Not right away at least. Not when you are nose deep in it and all you see is pain.

Things like this have their place and time, and learning to know when that is, is invaluable. If I was shown this two months ago, I probably would have reacted negatively. Because two months ago, I was still dealing with the reality of the situation. I wasn’t ready to move forward, I needed to ground myself in the present.

I needed to see where I was before I could focus on anything else. And that was okay. And its okay for you to do, too. My blogs are seemingly more positive now, but that takes work to get there and I am only ready to work on that because I started with where I was and accepted that life was sh*t.

Then I chose what I wanted in life to make it less crappy and only do those things that benefit me in the moment. Sometimes that is planning for the future and sometimes its planning to get out of bed in the morning after I hit snooze six times. But both thoughts have their time and place and we need a balance of them. We can’t spend too much time in the future, past, or present without it negatively affecting us.

So my advice, figure out where you are. Then make a choice to be you, whatever you are that day. And love yourself for it, because once you are ready to go out into the world, you’ll need to be able to stand tall and be proud. And then you’ll be ready to love the world.

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