QOTD: How do you live?

April 4, 2017


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”

-Oscar Wilde

There is no standard to living life. There is no checklist of things to do, no itinerary to follow. It isn’t as if someone could honestly say you haven’t lived because you haven’t done this or conquered that. To live is to be present in life; life being what you chose to make it.

Perhaps you set the goal to conquer the summit of all the highest peaks in the world. Have you lived because you achieved this goal? Have you lived if your goal achieved is to have a small family, a small house and a decent job? Its a matter of perspective. You make it what you want it to be.

We hold unnecessary expectations. Reading several social media sites, I come across articles titled, “Ten MUST See Places Before You Die” or “Food Everyone Has To Try Before They Die” or “Everything You Have To Do Before You Get Old.”

They make me laugh and cringe a bit. To think of how easily it is to fall into thinking you haven’t done enough because you haven’t achieved all the items on some imaginary bucket list is terrifying. At 26, I’ve dropped out of college (twice), worked in six industries, played college lacrosse, won a gaming tournament(local library), discovered my hobbies, had a child, married and divorced(not final), traveled to places I loved, discovered where I want to live the rest of my life, discovered the moral standards that are important to me, engaged and loved hundreds of people, road tripped, quit my job and moved in the span of 48 hours, the list could go on.

Looking at all I have done, I have lived. Realizing that, hasn’t been easy, because I was consumed with what others have done. The memories though, bring me back emotions and pride about the life I have chosen.

At times, I was simply existing. Those memories can blind us from reality. We aren’t meant to live to someone else’s standards. As a Christian, I firmly believe, we need to leave our parents homes and establish for ourselves the family unit that comes before anyone else, where decisions are made for us and our success is judge by our own scales.

And perhaps, from the outside, my life isn’t exciting; but doing what I love is exciting for me, and excitement for me is quiet, calm, and relaxing most of the time. At times excitement is blasting music and air guitar until I throw my back out (I’m old). Having a son, new levels of excitement have emerged and in the end, my idea of living is unique to me.

I don’t want to meet the standards others have set for me nor many of the expectations. I want to be a good, dedicated father and that concept is unique to what I perceive as a good, dedicated father.

It is up to us to choose how to live, and we need to be okay with what we choose and the consequences of that choice. Being happy with ourselves is by far more important and priority.

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