The Dark: My Scariest Paranormal Experience

In the spring of 2011, I had moved into an apartment with my cousins. During this time, I was in a very disturbed frame of mind and had been dealing with a severe depression. I had also started to question the existence of God, or rather to seek him out and this combination of emotions, brought with it a many strange and terrifying experiences. It seemed, the harder I tried to get close to God, the more darkness seemed to follow.

One story I have stands out because it was experienced by two of my cousins and myself.

I wish I could remember what had happened prior to everything that day but to begin lets start with me going to bed. It was fairly early for me, but I was tired and wanted to get some rest. I don’t know how long I was asleep but in my mind it was a shallow sleep and it was easy to hear what was going in the living room. Or so I thought.

Suddenly, the sound of someone running towards our front door jolted me out of sleep and was quickly followed by what I thought was the front door slamming. Figuring it was my cousins, and being rather annoyed with them I got up with the intention of confronting whomever it was. As I entered the living room, I saw my cousin reaching to pick up a fan off the floor and I asked who had just left and why they were being so loud.

My cousin was confused because no one had left but the fan which had been resting on the couch had suddenly fallen over only moments before. Seconds later my other cousin would emerge from his room to tell us that several items on his dresser had suddenly been thrown onto the floor.

We were all concerned by what had happened. I immediately knew what was going on, during our time in the apartment I had begun to feel a very dark presence following me, something not new. It took a minute to convince my cousins to believe that we had all experienced something simultaneously.

Part of me wishes I hadn’t convinced them of this however, it seemed it opened them up to a few more experiences. I definitely believe, that when it comes to these type of experiences, acknowledging the reality of them, opens you up to so much more. Especially if you fear it occurring. These things live off of fear, it is their power source.

Fortunately, I also learned that at least for me, praying worked as a barrier from these things. Unfortunately, that barrier caused whatever was following me to carry over to my cousin and that hurt more then anything else. As I share my stories, I hope not to invite anything back into my life but also hope to not draw anything into anyone else’s life.  So, best of luck.


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