QOTD: March 28, 2017

“If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.”

-Fred Rogers

I once met a man on the street who I initially thought i was going to end up fighting.

That encounter would be the starting point to the the adventure that has been the last six years of my life. And that is not an exaggeration in the least bit.

I have no idea who he is and have not seen him since that night. A truly incredible experience and to this day it still amazes me how  much someone could affect your life.

That night, he gave me hope for a future. Someday I will tell my son about him, because without him I wouldn’t have my son. I wouldn’t have a dream opportunity with an amazing company and I probably wouldn’t be dreaming of writing again.

Just imagine what you could do for someone, and then ask yourself what is holding you back from speaking up and reaching out to others. He simply listened to his body and choose in that moment to ask me a simple question. I know that in this way we were connected in a way that is beyond understanding, a literal supernatural connection that as humans we are so quick to dismiss.

But we are all apart of this world and this world lives in us. If we could see that we could see the potential of everyone single human on this planet and see how it is we could work together to really do amazing things.


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