Talking with Myself

Weekend Update


I’ve been awake since 10 last night. On the weekend’s I don’t have my son, sleep is rare. In fact, what is typical is me coming home from work on Friday, making dinner, falling asleep and then waking up late and staying up the rest of the night.

Most of the night is wasted on social media, aimlessly wandering youtube and dreaming about things I could be doing. Tonight’s been a little different.

Reviewing my progress on this blog and in the other projects I am working on, there was a moment of clarity and I realized that my dreams are attainable, I just need to work harder and smarter. First and foremost, stop making excuses.

There was point tonight, where I was working and making progress on branding for my blog and it was exhilarating. Then I reached a point where doubt started to sneak in. Pretty soon, all that motivation and inspiration started to fade.

That needs to stop.

To become something, anything in life, to achieve any goal or succeed in any way, we need to be confident in our ability to do so. We need to be able to say, “yes, I can do this,” and then work on it.

It won’t be perfect at first. You’ll look amateur and foolish at times, but everyone does. Just keep going and pushing. Bring your ideas to life and get it out. If people hate it, then figure out why, and if they love it then great.

Pick your head up kid, you are doing great.

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