QOTD: March 24, 2017

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.”

-Mark Twain

I was a missionary for the Mormon church in 2013. I was once asked to give a prepared talk during church services. It just happened to be Mother’s Day, and I was unaware.

Through my study of scriptures, the topic of fear stood out during my preparation. It was interesting to note the difference between Godly fear and fear. Godly fear isn’t being a afraid of God, but rather a state of reverence for what he is as a god. It was an elevated level of respect and through that understanding, it was taught that we could receive the blessings of heaven.

Fear however, as in to fear someone or something, was of the devil and a weakening of ourselves to his will. And of course their is the natural fear we feel when faced with unknowns that keep us alive, a sixth sense if you will.

Understanding the differences helped me control myself. I understood more when to act and when to maybe pull away because something in nature was telling my body the situation wasn’t okay. At the same time I found confidence in my faith and what I believe because I didn’t fear God, but understood his place as a divine being. It was easy to slip away from that frame of thinking and when I did, I crumbled.

Fear is powerful, but if we strive to overcome it, we are stronger in so many different ways.


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