Photography: A Wood In Portrait

log profileDate: March 8, 2017
Location: Prairie Queen Recreational Park, Omaha, NE

This image was also taken with my Iphone & using my Zeso lens kit. I couldn’t get low enough to the ground to capture this image while actually looking at the subject from this angle. Instead, I had to lean out in front of the log and hope I got the right angle. I used the volume button as the shutter for this image.

I am very pleased with how this came out.I enjoy the softness of the image and also how crisp the dry grass at the top looks. I really enjoy photographing wood and was really excited to find this log washed up on the shore of the reservoir. This is not the same log that I shared previously. This one was easier to get to, but was surrounded by mud and I was in a dress shirt and slacks.

Let me know what you think of this image with a comment or like this post. Thanks!


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