QOTD : March 20, 2017

“If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission.”


It is common for me to ask people if they think an idea is good or not before making a “big” decision. The problem with this, however, is I’m not looking for someone to say it’s a good idea and do it, I am looking for someone to tell me why I shouldn’t.

And then I don’t.

I’m afraid to act and to do things that I know will make me happy or at the very least, provide opportunities for growth. I’m afraid to fail or to look stupid and it’s crippling.

From experience though, doing these things regardless of what people think and doing it because I give myself the opportunity to do it, usually goes fairly well. So it’s time to let go of fear and just do things that I want to do. What’s the point of sitting around waiting for life to happen, when I can go out and do something?


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