Photography: A Reservoir and it’s Log

floating log

Date: March 8, 2017
Location: Prairie Queen Recreational Park, Omaha, NE

I am always excited to share the things I create. Terrified, but excited.

I am very proud of this image and would really like to work on being confident in sharing my work. This image was taken while taking a walk after work. This park is located right behind the property where I work and it seemed like the right time to go and explore. It was the first warm day in a few weeks and the sky was clear.

I had with me, my IPhone 7 and a lens kit by Zeso, which was purchased on Amazon for a fair price. I used the 35mm CPL Polarizer Filter and then edited the image on Instagram, saving the final image on my phone. I also used the tripod as a grip and the wireless remote control.



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