Being Dad

Quiet Thoughts – Teaching my son to have fun is important.


I look forward to my time with my son.

Watching him discover the world around him and thoroughly enjoying  it, is refreshing.

He started walking recently and loves being able to go outside and explore. If the weather was warmer, we would spend more time going for walks.

I’ve tried to keep my time with him sacred. During the weekdays, when I have him, I try not to work or do things that aren’t necessary so we can spend time playing. On the weekends, I try to come up with fun things for us to do or find new places to take him. Right now, he is young enough that controlling his schedule and meeting his needs is fairly easy. He basically eats, sleeps, poops and plays. So for now, we will have as much time together as we can.

As he gets older, this will change, but I hope that the time I spend with him now will act as the backbone for our relationship.  Taking time to do things together, outside or inside. Keeping our time together important and while giving way to the needs of the day, taking moments to build our bond.

Having my son has reminded me how to have fun and to be okay with being silly. With him I can sing and dance, laugh out loud and be willing to be tickled. I can make funny faces and voices and all of these things can be done in public and around other people. It is my hope to teach him to always be this way. There is a time to be serious but there is also a time to have fun.

That is something I have always struggled with. I forget to have fun and so I get bogged down under so much stress to be perfect in everything that I ultimately give up and stop trying. Hence, why I haven’t locked down a solid purpose for this blog. I don’t want to, in fear of trying to always meet that expectation, when all I really want to do is write. I don’t want to care if people read it, although honestly that is hard to get over, but so far I have kept on going.

This is the example I want to set for my son. Be silly, have fun and do what makes you really happy regardless of what others think… so long as it doesn’t harm you or someone else… because kids need boundaries too.

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