Quiet Thoughts #4


I have never felt comfortable identifying myself as Mexican or Native American.

As a child, I always pictured my biological father as a tall, white male with a trimmed mustache. His hair was worn in a military style cut and he always had on sunglasses and smoked. (He does not look like this)

Is it possible to self-identify as a Caucasian? Is it even okay to think that way?

It isn’t because I dislike my ethnicity or heritage, I simply have never seen myself as a person of color.

It isn’t uncommon for me to suddenly realize my skin color while in public. Usually its when I notice others staring at me because I am out of place or when around people who do look like me.

Is this a form of racism towards myself?

Do I sound racist right now?

Why did I grow up thinking I was just as capable of accomplishing anything I wanted, when the world says I shouldn’t be able to because of the color of my skin?


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