Update #2

Many of the posts you will see are written days in advance. The next few days may reflect a darker frame of mind then the first few days. In order to keep this blog fluid and progressing, there will be a full range of emotions and ideas presented until a concrete pattern of work can be established.

For now there will be daily posts that are short and concise, samplings of ideas and thoughts that are brought up in my daily life. Many of these will be rough drafts of longer and traditional style posts. I will attempt to have one of these longer posts out each week, but it will depend on the topic chosen and the amount of work needed to present something in a finished form.

Updates will serve as that bridge of communication to make up for times when more time is needed or, like today, to establish the mood of the following posts or address any other areas of concern.

I do not know how many people will be interested in reading what I do write. For those who do read this, thank you.


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