Quote of the Day #3

Here is another quote from the www.16personalities.com website:

“Lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be”

-Ophelia from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

I do not recall having studied “Hamlet” at any point, and seeing as I slept through most of my English classes in high school, my understanding of the context of this quote is limited.

The thoughts that come to mind when reading this, center on my faith. The website did not include the word “Lord” and so lets take that out. As a Latter-day Saint (Mormon), I think about being a child of God and honestly having no idea what that means or how that is supposed to affect my choices in my daily life. I also think about just who I am as a member of a society and if it is acceptable to want to be something great or if my place as just another cog that blends into the masses.

And I may be completely over reaching with all this but, I am not looking to always analyze the quotes I share within their context but, rather share what things float into my mind.

Are you familiar with “Hamlet” and if so, what do you think of this moment?


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